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By Dr. Michael Pridham, DC

Tai Chi Wellness

Tai Chi exercise has been used in eastern societies for hundreds of years. It is practiced in modern times throughout the world in parks, gyms, community centers and hospitals. This ancient art helps relieve stress as well as increase strength and flexibility. It helps improve balance, coordination and circulation. These slow and graceful movements make it accessible to anyone regardless of age or level of physical fitness.


Researchers have been exploring the positive effects that Tai Chi has on specific conditions.  It has been shown to decrease the number of falls in elderly adults, as well as reduce the fear of falling. It improves functional balance and physical performance in inactive people.


Research facilities have also explored the effects of Tai Chi on rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, psychosocial wellbeing and many other conditions. Most of the high quality research falls short of concluding that Tai Chi is entirely effective for the treatment of these conditions, however most demonstrate that there are benefits to practicing the art.


Dr. Michael Pridham is a chiropractic physician in Albuquerque and is the founder of Equilibrium Wellness Center. He has practiced martial arts for over twenty-eight years and has incorporated this knowledge along with his formal education to create a wellness center that teaches patients how to prevent injuries through movement therapy.

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FEB 22-23, 2020

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