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Cleaning for the Body, Mind and Soul


Our bodies need regular thorough cleaning or detoxing. When we detox regularly our minds function better with improved clarity and creative energy, our skin clears, our hormones kick in higher gear and we are able to optimize our bodyweight with less effort. Removing toxins also helps to reduce inflammation and prevent... 

Tai Chi Wellness


Tai Chi exercise has been used in eastern societies for hundreds of years. It is practiced in modern times throughout the world in parks, gyms, community centers and hospitals. This ancient art helps relieve stress as well as increase strength and flexibility. It helps improve balance, coordination and circulation. These slow and graceful movements make it accessible...

Incredibly Effective, Natural Treatment for Your Heart

Want aggressive, natural treatment? Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) improves circulation to the heart without medications or conventional therapies. We combine Live02 Training (Exercise with Oxygen) with EECP and detoxifying IV Therapies to EECP. These natural therapies help your body heal...

Wellness Conference

FEB 22-23, 2020

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Symposium organized by Clark Consulting Group, LLC

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