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By Dr. Angelique Hart, MD

Cleaning for the Body, Mind and Soul

Our bodies need regular thorough cleaning or detoxing. When we detox regularly our minds function better with improved clarity and creative energy, our skin clears, our hormones kick in higher gear and we are able to optimize our bodyweight with less effort. Removing toxins also helps to reduce inflammation and prevent development of auto- immune disease. There are so many different ways to safely remove toxins.


In our clinic we use protocols based on individual patient’s needs, abilities, preference, time commitment, and last but not least budget. We have intensive - all day 1 to 2 week - Detox programs with IV Therapies combined with Live O2 exercise sessions which open up the circulation and allow toxins to leave the body through the lungs and sweat, followed by use of an Amethyst BioMat for deep heat penetration and / or a 30 min session in the Far Infra Red Sauna. Patients also have the choice to do once weekly or even monthly detox therapy combinations and continue with maintenance programs at home. Home programs are focused on routines that are safe, cause no side effects, and are “doable” for the patient.


We remind our clients that you do the best you can and don’t go overboard or get guilty about not always following the protocol precisely. There are dietary prescriptions, juicing recipes, coffee enemas, supplement programs, Epsom Salt baths, HomeoTherapeutic remedies and interval training exercise instructions, all to help you reduce the “toxin body burden”. Before starting a detox program it is important to open up the “exit pathways”. This means that we have to ensure that our gut is able to expel stirred up toxins efficiently, our kidneys get enough fluids (water) to flush out toxins, and our liver is supported with proper nutrition providing the co-factors needed to metabolize toxins into waste products. Our grandparents would detox monthly with the administration of cod liver oil that would give a “nice cleaning out of the gut”. We live in a different environment from our grandparents. Our toxic exposure is exponentially greater because of our increasingly more polluted environment, (which includes the effects of EMF’s!), our “un-natural” food ingredients that raise inflammatory responses, and our much higher stress levels.


Detoxing the body is not the only process that we should be looking at. Emotions trapped in our body are like imbalances in our system and can cause pain, discomfort and dis-ease, which if left unchecked can be the root-cause for most illnesses within the body, mind and spirit. When we do intensive detox programs in our clinic, we usually see these issues surface by day 4. As these “issues in the tissues” show up we spend the needed time to properly and very effectively work with the client to raise the awareness of these root-causes and then guide them to a clearing/cleansing thereby creating a foundation for lasting wellbeing. Some of the tools that we use for this cleansing process include Mind Scape, NLP, Guided Imagery and Spiritual Counseling.

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