Call for Speakers

The  Symposium will discuss some of the most challenging and exciting issues facing the Wellness Community today.  All Presentations will be 50 minutes. We are expecting the attendance of over 350 practitioners, patients and clients.  We had an overwhelming response to the 2018 Call for Speakers.                                        Don't be left out - apply now!

Submittal Deadline - November 15, 2018

Goals of the conference

  • To educate the public about integrative medical options and their benefits (facilitate a more informed patient community)

  • Information sharing and collaboration with other practitioners

  • To provide education of practitioners by practitioners (through panels, case studies, presentations)


Outcomes and long-term benefits for providers

  • Collaborative network of a wide variety of practitioners

  • Develop a larger group of more informed patients by providing education

  • Empowered patients that will take charge of their healthcare as opposed to being dependent on providers

  • Continuing opportunities for cross disciplinary training and education among providers

Wellness Conference

FEB 22-23, 2020

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Symposium organized by Clark Consulting Group, LLC

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